Dec 2, 2005

There Is Scarcely More Than There Is

Cyril Wong has a beautiful web journal called Softblow. Today, he posted a new piece of mine, There Is Scarcely More Than There Is. My friend ShaLeigh Comerford took the photo that accompanies the piece. She took it in October. She said she needed to photograph me with concrete.

I read selections from this piece when I read in October at the Four-Faced Liar for Tarpaulin Sky, another beautifully designed web journal. The lovely editors of Tarpaulin Sky took these pictures. A piece of mine, Six Black & White Movies, Where I Do Not Find You, appeared in Tarpaulin Sky last spring.

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Erin Lyndal Martin said...

Hi Jenny! Just letting you know your Softblow link is wrong (it's .org, not .com). Here is the correct link to your piece there: