Jan 17, 2006

Recovering The Body

After having The Body out-of-print for over two years, I received news today that 90 copies have resurfaced in San Francisco where they were to make their way into bookstores and never did. This is a great relief to me because I was always so saddened that I was losing readers when professors, wanting to teach the book, were unable to assign the book due to lack of availability. Such an influx of available copies will most likely change the book's pricing in rare book stores as it is probably no longer a rare book.

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Stalina said...

After a few months of having read your book, I am surprised that I have not found many writers in Texas as impressive as you. Of course, I am not saying that there are many bad writers; I am merely saying that I identify with your sense of experimentation. The way you explore absence and presence, I find very interesting. I do not claim to be able to write as effectively, but I do enjoy reading your work.
Is it possible to get contact info for the location in San Francisco that sells The Body? I would like to purchase some gifts in March, if possible.
Thanks. Keep writing.