Mar 7, 2006

New Book News

So far, 2006 has been full of good, unexpected news. Next month, the folks at Tarpaulin Sky will be putting out my second book, [one love affair]*. The asterisk does denote a footnote, but it's really quite long and convoluted, and if you're patient enough to read it, it follows at the end, the very end of this post. This book will be out in a limited edition art book as well as a perfect-bound edition. It will contain three long prose-poem sequences: [one love affair], He Wrote in Code, and There Is Scarcely More Than There Is. He Wrote in Code has never been printed previously and it's one of my favorites, so I hope that it will be drawing point for folks to buy the book. From what I'm gathering from Christian Peet of Tarpaulin Sky, both the art and perfect-bound editions are going to be quite lovely.

Bruce Covey of Coconut will be putting out my free, downloadable chapbook, of the mismatched teacups, of the single-serving spoon, next month. This chapbook contains a lot of my earlier poems as well as more recent work.

Sarabande Books has taken my Book of Beginnings and Endings and is planning for a Fall/Winter 2007 release. Some excerpts are available on-line at Conjunctions and MiPoesias. Excerpts were also printed in Seneca Review, Notre Dame Review, the most recent Turnrow, and are forthcoming in Conduit and
Boston Review. The new Turnrow also features some lovely, lovely art.

*A million wallowing anemones, a thousand eyes peeping through, a thousand spies shivering, unnamable endless flowerings, countless empty bottles, twelve flowers, eleven trees, eight fruits, four vegetables, four peppers, two enemas, two kidnappings, one accident, one suicide, one soothsayer, one drowning, one nightclub called Juicy.

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