Jan 17, 2007

Reprinting The Body

A certain "Stalina" left a nice comment for me on my blog, and I'm sorry that I wasn't able to write her back, although I did try to find her email address on-line to no avail. She wanted to know how she might find extra copies of The Body: An Essay.

I should have posted about this a while ago.

The Body is being reprinted by the wonderful folks at Essay Press and will be out soon. This edition will feature a new cover, new blurbs, and will be totally reset. What I adore about this version is that it will be truer to what I originally intended.

As the publication date nears, I'll be sure to post updates. In the meantime, Stalina, if you should have any questions or perhaps want to know where the one existing copy of the first edition of The Body: An Essay is being sold, my email address is pinkhouseshoe at yahoo dot com.

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