Feb 19, 2007

The Art of Fiction: An Essay

The editors of Aiden Starr: The Journal launched their first issue a few months ago. Here is the link to my piece The Art of Fiction: An Essay. Beware: there is video involved.


Brandon Hobson said...

I love it.

Khandroma said...

Hey Jenny, I LOVED watching and listening to you read this piece. But "The Journal" seems to be no more! Is there any way that you could post the vids on your blog or contact me with a way that I can view your awesomeness? You are an inspiration; therefore, your work should not be disappearing! Please let me know.

Jenny Boully said...

Hey, Khandroma: I actually didn't realize that the videos had been taken down from Youtube. I can try to find my original and reload them. I'm sure I still have the DVD somewhere.