Aug 29, 2007

Undefinable & Other Sarabande Treats

Sarah Gorham, editor of Sarabande Books, has an article in Publishers Weekly that centers on writing that isn't so easily classified as one genre or another. "Undefinable" showcases my forthcoming Book of Beginnings and Endings.

I'm happy to report that my author's information is now up at Sarabande. (This must mean that the book is close to coming out!) You can now read my author's interview as well as access my Sarabande in Education Reader's Guide.


sara kearns said...

hi Jenny,

i have been meaning to get in touch with you for so long to among other things, thank you for contributing "Kafka's Garden" (wow! it is stunning) to Siren for its first issue. i want to nominate it for Sundress Publications' "Best of the Net" anthology, and that led me to realize why i (rudely) hadn't written to you: i needed your email address in order to submit it, but when I went for it, I realized I didn't have it. i think ryan (laks) was the one who talked to you then, and though I'm sure he has your address, it somehow wasn't added to Siren's list -- and he's somewhere in the jungles of South America right now. so i was wondering if you could send me your email address -- if you'd rather it not be out there in the blogosphere, I can be reached at or

congratulations, by the way, on the new book! i'm also definitely going to get myself a copy of your first chapbook -- it sounds great, and you're right, the cover art is lovely.

'a long overdue thanks,


maitresse said...

so glad to hear things are going well! looking forward to reading some of your work. Are you still at the GC? (I moved to France and am out of the loop)