Sep 27, 2007

My Verse in Verse

I'm not quite sure why I never mentioned this to anyone, but one of my dearest poems (in verse), was published in Verse in their Fall/Winter 2006 issue. Details are here. There was a time when I would look the line so straight in the eye, so completely, and then I stopped looking. I did that with people too, at a time, I think. I stopped looking at people in the eye; I didn't want to be seen. I'm not quite sure when I stopped doing that either. (Perhaps my omission of this publication indicates that I am not, however I wish to be, quite removed from this habit of not looking?) My line breaks are still precious to me, but I can't profess to understand them any longer. There was an intensity, an undertone that used to move me to keep on or no, and then, I just didn't want to stop anymore for anyone and I began to write in long long lines and then pages and pages of prose.

My poem, in verse in Verse, "Loy Krathong," is quite dear to me. It is about Thailand; it is about the myths and folklore of my country people, in the remote villages of the country; it is about love. And it's only in print; it isn't on-line.


HAIR hearts FLIP said...

HI Jenny,
CD wright recommended The Body which I'm looking at now and its really beautiful. It has made me realize that maybe my last relationship turned out the way it did because I was being a cartoon, pg. 25. Looking forward to more of you..


Jennifer Bartlett said...


I wanted to let you know that I found an illusive first edition of The Body. Am enjoying it.