Mar 5, 2008

Readings at Hollins University

I'll be giving a reading at my alma mater Hollins University on March 6 at 8:15 p.m. in the Green Drawing Room.


Caffeine Destiny said...

Hello Ms. Boully,

I'm the editor of Caffeine Destiny. Can you contact me at



jilmeka said...

Hi, Jenny,

I'm wondering how I can contact you. I have written an essay about your essay, The Body, and would like to share it with you, if possible.

You can email me:


Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny! Love your stuff! I was so delighted when I saw that you had become a big star! I think back to when we were children and how I knew your eccentricities would make you famous!!!

Jenny Boully said...

Maritza! Where are you? I think about you all the time and how we laughed so much together. Please email me: jenny dot boully at gmail dot com