Jan 24, 2009

and radish seeds

mini bar price list

I want to thank everyone who made my stay in Los Angeles such a wonderful one. You know, I never wanted to go to LA. I never had an inkling. Never wanted to even think about going. Now I know why LA is a place to go. I loved it there--really, truly, truly loved it.

Thanks go to Otis College, Peter Gadol, Paul Vangelisti, Jacqueline Young, and the very smart audience and students who attended my reading.

Also, I got to see Mason (thank you for the beach and the veggies), Julie (thank you for lunch and tea and all things cute and Japanese), Andy (I hope you liked the Andy footnotes), and Jennifer (thank you for having dinner with me, and I wish, as always, that we had more time).

Strangest of things, I was sitting next to Saul Williams on my plane out to LAX, and he was nice enough to come to my reading. Thanks, Saul. I'll be sure to see you when you read at Columbia College Chicago next month.

I do love a hotel with sheep in the lobby.

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