Jan 16, 2009

Reading at Otis College

When I woke up this morning, it was -17 degrees outside. I guess I get to escape a bit of this when I go to Los Angeles next week. I'll be giving a reading at Otis College on Wednesday, January 21 at 7:30. Details can be found here.

I'll also be on two panels at this year's AWP and reading at one off-site event. Details to follow.

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Anonymous said...


Good to see you back on your blog, and look forward to your always interesting comments and additions.

Recently I e-mailed you regarding a review I wrote of one of your books (The Book of Beginnings and Endings) for a website called Public Republic. This is a literary website that is the English language version of a website created originally in Bulgarian language.
My iquiry was regarding your permission to use a set of YouTube videos you once made of you reading "The Art of Fiction: An Essay".
The publisher of the website is cautious and courteous, and even though I didn't think it was a problem, she wanted to be sure it was o.k., with you.

I was very impressed with "The Book of Beginnings and Endings", and would really like to get the review of the book on the website to expose more people to it, and the Youtube video added so much to an understanding of your art.

If possible can you let me know if you got the e-mail, and possibly e-mail the woman mentioned in it that it is o.k. with you to use the video?

She was enthusiastic about the review and about your work, and even mentioned the possibility of your putting some of your work on the site if you chose to. I can let them publish the review without the video, but the video would add so much.

The literary site is:

The woman mentioned in the e-mail, Ms. Stoykova-Klemer's author description is here, she is the person approving the publication online of the review:

Thank your for any assistance, I have read all 4 of your books and a lot of your work online, creative, touching, mind expanding stuff, absolutely fascinating writing. Thank you,

RCjr southern_comfort75@yahoo.com