Feb 5, 2009

Where you can find me at AWP

Last year, I was in NYC when AWP hit, and this year, I just happen to be in Chicago, where AWP is heading. I don't think I have any plans to move to Colorado.

I'll be on the following panels at AWP:

(More events can be found in the AWP's schedule of events.)

Thursday, February 12, noon
Language for a New Century: Contemporary Poetry from the Middle East and Asia.
(Nathalie Handal, Jill Bialosky, Kimiko Hahn, Ravi Shankar, Srikanth Reddy, Tina Chang)
**I will be filling in for one of the participants who was not able to make it to the conference.**
Language for a New Century brings the voices of some of the most exciting writers of our time. This unique and much anticipated collection by W.W. Norton is a landmark anthology, providing the most ambitious, far-reaching collection of contemporary Asian and Middle Eastern poetry available. This exciting panel features Norton editor, Jill Bialosky, poets and editors of the anthology, Nathalie Handal, Tina Chang, and Ravi Shankar, as well as contributors Kimiko Hahn and Srikanth Reddy for a reading and discussion on this book, which includes 400 unique voices from fifty-five countries writing in forty different languages, broadening our notion of contemporary literature.

Thursday, February 12, 4:30
The Notre Dame Review
's 15th Anniversary Reading.

(Valerie Sayers, William O'Rourke, Jaimy Gordon, Jenny Boully, Kevin Ducey, Ed Falco)
The Notre Dame Review
, a journal of prose, poetry, and art, celebrates its 15th anniversary with a reading. Four writers who have appeared in the Review's pages and who demonstrate its formal range will read poetry and prose. Founding editor Valerie Sayers and current co-editor William O'Rourke will introduce the readers.

Saturday, February 14, 9:00 a.m.
Bending Genre.
(Margot Singer, Jenny Boully, Michael Martone, Nicole Walker, Lawrence Sutin)
Nonfiction capitalizes on the formal structures of poetry and fiction, drawing energy from hybridity. How do the genres inform and influence each other? What does it mean to write against—both in opposition to and in dialogue with—the expectations of genre, the conventions of form? This panel investigates the ways in which genre informs genre, how the lines between genres are at once thickly drawn and blurred.

Saturday, February 14, noon-1:00 p.m.
Sarabande Books signing at the Sarabande books table in the Book Fair. Please come by and say hi.

Saturday, February 14, 8:00 p.m.
Coconut/MILK off-site reading at Myopic books
AWP Reading, co-sponsored by Coconut Poetry and Milk Magazine. Including Denise Duhamel, Jenny Boully, Susan Wheeler, Daniel Nester, Prageeta Sharma, Gene Tanta, Jen Tynes, Lea Graham, Reb Livingston, Mirela Ramona Ciupag, Gina Myers, Natalie Lyalin, Larry Sawyer, Bruce Covey, Lea Graham, others.

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Chris Wiewiora said...


I was at the NDR reading at AWP. Your PeterPan/Neverland stuff was phenomenal! I contacted NDR, because I thought you were Lily Hoang. Lily contacted me and let me know you were you. Whoops... Ha!

Anyway, please get in contact with me via The Florida Review. Find our e-mail at www.flreview.com

I am interested in your writing.

Chris Wiewiora
Assistant Editor
The Florida Review