Mar 17, 2009

I read some of Christian Peet's poetry

Christian Peet has a book out called Big American Trip. Christian Peet is the beloved editor of Tarpaulin Sky Press, publisher of my [one love affair]*. His book's blog page, Big American Blog, features clips of poets reading "postcards" form his book.

Mine went up today. Enjoy!

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John Madera said...

Dear Jenny Boully,

Off topic, but I was wondering if you would consider sending me a list of your top ten favorite novellas along with some brief comments, if you like, about your choices. I've asked a number of writers and editors to contribute. Thus far, the following have agreed to participate:
Michael Martone, John Haskell, Lee Klein, Michael Kimball, Steve Almond, Cooper Renner, Leni Zumas, Shane Jones, Scott Esposito, Peter Selgin, Molly Gaudry, Jimmy Chen, Amelia Gray, Bradley Sands, Tobias Carroll, Josh Maday, Rachel Glaser, Nick Antosca, Kendra Malone, Daniel Borzutzsky, Brandi Wells, Adam Robinson, Sean Lovelace, Ben Myers, Kristina Born, Jac Jemc, Chris Killen, William Walsh, Kevin Wilson, Sally Cook, and Ken Baumann.

Once it's reached critical mass, I'll post the lists and comments on my blog:

A bit about me:
I write for Bookslut, The Quarterly Conversation, New Pages and elimae has published my first story.

Feel free to reach me at
Thanks for your consideration.

Take care,