Nov 5, 2009

This is just someone's list

This is just someone's list. I'm happy to be on this list. In no way does this list-writer say that this is meant to be a definitive or representative list; the list-writer makes it clear that this is merely his list. I think it's really cool, and I'm happy to be on his list. This is Christopher Higgs' list of "15 Significant Contemporary Women Writers" on HTMLGIANT. I realize that this is old news, that the list was published about two months ago, but I only came across it last night.


Alexis said...

Glad to see you on the list ... I'm a fan and you would be on my list, too!

P. Edward Cunningham said...


Jenny Boully said...

Thanks, Alexis. That's awfully sweet of you!

Hi, P. Edward Cunningham.

Steven Felicelli said...

Carole Maso and Thalia Field are major influences on my own work (in the register of prose-verse-epigraph) and led me to [one love affair] which I just put down (and haven't yet put down) - I've tried to let my own work breathe like that but it always ends up glutted with poststructuralist textspeak and erudition displays, whereas [one love affair] absorbs the individuated aches of Bernhard, Sarduy, G. Stein, Maso, Beckett, Belano (all of whom haunt my own work/life) and transmutes them into its own spare, singular love song (replete with Prufrock reference) - really great stuff and I can't wait to read your new book on Tarpaulin Sky (the title of which sounds like a Maurice Blanchot marquee)

very glad to see you (& Maso & Thalia) on that list - to which I might add: June Akers Seese, Julieta Campos, Julia Kristeva, Natasha Trethewey, Lisel Mueller, Marie Howe, Heather McHugh, Luisa Valenzuela (and lots of others whose names escape me at the moment)