Mar 27, 2010

Two upcoming readings & a Facebook fan page

My apologies for the late notice on this one: I'll be reading on Monday, March 29 at 3:00 at the University of Notre Dame as part of their conference, The Open Light: A Celebration of Notre Dame Poets. The conference will run until Wednesday. I'm so excited to be visiting Notre Dame, where I earned my MFA in 2002. I'm hoping for nice weather.

On Saturday, April 3, I'll be reading with Kate Zambreno in the Red Rover Reading Series at 7:00. This event is in Chicago.


Rather than sending out a message to all of my Facebook contacts with the message "Jenny Boully recently became a fan of Jenny Boully and thinks you should too," I just started an fan page. So far I only have six fans, but I'm thrilled. Thank you to those who have already joined. You can join here. Thanks so much.


a.c.b. said...

lol becoming your own fan sounds like a fun thing to do. add me as an invisible fan, since i do not use facebook.

Mohamed Mughal said...

Congrats on your new FB fan page. A friend of mine set one up for me a few months ago and I've had fun with it. Hope you'll enjoy yours as well!