Sep 1, 2010

New work in TriQuarterly Online

This summer, TriQuarterly published "A Short Essay on Being," an essay I wrote on pad Thai (and other things). This issue launches TriQuarterly's first online issue.


Jai Arun Ravine said...

Jenny, I love this essay so much! I couldn't stop reading it. Moments where I laughed, moments were I was repulsed. All of it resonating. I love how you interweave the authenticity of food experiences with encounters of how your racial identity is read, how you pass and don't pass. I love the cross-cutting between them. Thank you for writing this!!

rasulaj said...

Fascinating profile of American bewilderment about race & cultural difference. In the same league my daughters' experience (born 76 & 79, half-Chinese) of being asked once "Are you twins"! The awkwardness of the question inaugurates a whole poetics of displacement.
—Jed Rasula (prepping to teach The Body in an art class later today)

Jenny Boully said...

Thank you so much, Jai and Rasulaj. I'm glad you enjoyed and could relate to the essay.